Empathy, we all want it, but are we willing to give it?

💙Empathy: the ability to share and understand the feelings of others.

💙This Sunday, in our Journey group, we experienced a beautiful demonstration of Empathy. We couldn't tell what was going on underneath the surface by mere appearances in each ones life. We needed to pause and ask.

💙It was a time where we listened deeply to what was going on in each others lives. We went around the table and each person shared exactly where they were at in the moment.

💙We allowed each person be in the authentic place they were at without pat answers or trying to fix them. It's the magic that happens in true community.

💙When we look at the faces of those around us today, let's remind ourselves that we don't really know what's going on underneath the surface.

What are some ways you can demonstrate empathy for others today?

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