Authentic Friendship

What does an authentic friendship look like to you?

An authentic friend is there for you when you need them.

An authentic friend will defend you when you are not present.

An authentic friend will not be one to flatter you or give you empty encouragement.

An authentic friend will be honest with you, even if if creates conflict. Why? Because you cannot have a strong relationship without overcoming conflict. Part of loving people and getting authentic with them means we can express healthy frustration and work through it.

This is how we move from superficial intimacy, to deeper connection. If you ignore the tough parts of relationship and stuff those emotions and thoughts, you will never experience depth in your relationships.

The honesty I'm talking about here is they type that chooses their words carefully. The goal is not to hurl insults, or attack someone's character, but to stick with the facts and work through real feelings.

An Example would be: 'When this happened, I was thinking this and I felt confused.' By communicating like this you express your thoughts, feelings and needs without criticizing and attacking the other person.

How can you take steps to stop stuffing and move toward authentic communication today?

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