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Teen's Brain

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Your teen's brain!

💤Ever wonder why your teen is always tired?

💤Well, not only are they physically growing but their brains are growing and pruning a well, draining their energy.

💤When we are being challenged by learning new things, our brains get exhausted.

💤Think about it: when you are learning something you have never done before like a foreign language, new computer skills, piano lessons or dancing, you are creating new pathways in your brain! It is exhausting!

💤Dr. Jones states “When you’re learning something new, and your brain is feeling like it wants to take a nap, that’s when you know you’re doing things that are growing your brain neurologically, not just maintaining it,” says Dr. Jennifer Jones

💤Our brains are like muscles that need to be exercised and challenged. Our teens are in a rapid state of brain development. What they use they keep, what they don't use gets pruned.

💤Think about it: Use it or lose it applies to all of us!

💤For all of us, the more we use a connection in our brain, the easier it will be to retain the information and practice it in a more involuntary way, like a habit.

💤How are you exercising your brain today?

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