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LOVE method of Communication

When communicating with anyone, its important to get clear!

How do we communicate with others in a way that values them? Michael Foster has the following suggestions:

"L - Listen

O - Open heart and mind.

V - Validate each other.

E - Express feelings simply.

Listen: Good communication always starts with good listening. Instead of responding, criticizing or trying to make your point, listen to what your partner is trying to communicate to you.

Open: Being open means I put aside any of my judgments or initial biases. It means I am humble enough to learn something that I may not be aware of.

Validate: Instead of responding too quickly to what your partner is saying, take a moment and validate their point of view. Acknowledge that you understand their point of view. Avoid saying, "That’s ridiculous!" or "I reject that belief."

Express: Disclosing things to your partner in a strategic way is critical. Pick the right time and place to have these important conversations. How you express yourself matters A LOT! Be aware of your tone, posture and that you express yourself in a calm and simple way.

Let these four values guide your conversations and you are guaranteed to have awesome dialogue with each other. You will reduce conflict, the fights will stop and your relationship will thrive as you talk about the things that really matter." Michael Foster

What area do you need to improve today?

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