The Phone Call

Empty nest ponderings!

Taming the need to fix with the desire to empower.

Once the kids fly the coop, you will occasionally get the phone call. Yup, you know the phone call if you have college students!

The phone call that makes you want to get into the car, drive right to college and step into fix-it mode!

What do you do when the phone call comes?

1. Pause! Yes, pause and take some deep breaths. This is an important first step. When we pause, we give ourselves a minute to respond with wisdom instead of reacting with emotion.

2. Ask yourself some questions internally. What is really going on here? How can I best empower my young adult to manage this problem?

3. Listen to your young adult with empathy. Oftentimes, we think we know what the problem is, but really, its just a smokescreen for something else underneath the surface.