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Who am I?

Empty Nest Pondering!

🔌Are you feeling CUT OFF by your college student?

🔌Out of the loop?

🔌No longer needed?

🔌It's in times like these that I need to remind myself that who I am is not what I do. For the last 22 years, I have been known as Mom!

🔌I'm still Mom, that has not changed but somehow, there is some identity confusion.

🔌I know I am not alone here! I've talked to several of you that are kind of lost.

🔌Dear one, can I remind you that you are not what you do!

🔌Let me say that again: Who I am, is NOT what I do!

You are so much more!

🔌Just because your relationship with your college student has changed, doesn't mean you no longer have value.

🔌You have become even more valuable, just in a different way and sometimes different feels hard.

🔌Embrace the differentness and let's grow together! Maybe you discover new hobbies, new personality strengths, new ways to communicate with your college student. New is not bad, it's just different.

Are you willing to let them go and discover things about yourself?

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