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Fun Facts

You may not know a lot about me, but I love all kinds of ethnic foods! Yup! I love to try new things to eat and then try to replicate the recipe! Some are pretty close!

I love the outdoors, oceans, mountain, rivers, lakes....I need to be surrounded by water! Daily I need my fix of the ocean! I love the sounds, the smells and the colors of the skies! Being in nature allows me to see some of God's creative abilities.

I've had many different careers and have loved them all. I practiced as a registered nurse before I stayed at home with the kids. Working in critical care, office settings, a worker's comp nurse investigator, and corporate America conducting wellness events. Once a stayed home with the kids, I did school nursing, drama team leader and physical education teacher at my kid's school!

Current: I live in New Jersey

I'm happily married to Richard for 25 years this year!

I have three amazing young adult peeps under my watch!

Hobbies: I love competing in Golf and tennis! Hiking, biking, walking, reading, circuit training with my peeps at EZE fit!

Favorite food: I cannot answer this one....I'm a fan of most foods. Although I do not like Salmon, fish with the heads on them, or Liver! Just saying!

Your turn! Tell me a fun fact about yourself!

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