Buffett's Nuggets

Billionaire Warren Buffett just turned 89 and he gives us six nuggets of wisdom that I just loved!

When Buffett was asked about the most important decision he has ever made, do you know what his answer was?

💥Marry the right person! Yup, you heard that right! His most important decision and his reflections on life have little to do with his investments financially.

💥Why is this the top decision on his list? Buffett feels that you become like those you hang around with and you hang around with your spouse the most! They will either pull you up or drag you down!

💥I love this advice; not just cause its wise, but because its Biblical. "Bad company corrupts good character".

💥As a matter of fact, all of his nuggets have to do with people, communication, taking care of yourself physically and who you hang out with!

💥As you reflect on his wisdom, are there areas of your life that you can invest in more wisely? Hey, I'm not talking about divorcing your spouse!!!! I'm suggesting if it's the most important relationship, why do we neglect to make it the best it can be?