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Don't Drink the Poison

We hurt people every day! Most times it is unintentional.

💔What do you do when you hurt or offend someone?

💔Do you respond with pride, dig your heels in and try to justify your position?

💔Or do you humble yourself and try to make the relationship right?

💔It's easy to want to dig your heels it; that doesn't take any effort at all. As a matter of fact, that comes naturally.

💔The hard thing to do is to humble yourself and try to make things right. Yup! Nobody likes to humble themselves. It's even worse when you humble yourself and the person you went to remains unforgiving and angry.

💔The temptation at this point is to be angry back. Do not fall for the temptation! When someone is unforgiving, they continue to drink the poison over and over again. DO NOT JOIN THEM with this drink; even if they want to share that drink with everyone else.

💔The next hard step is not only to remain humble but to extend them grace and mercy.

💔Yup, life is hard. Don't let the hardness poison you and take the joy out of your life!

Where can you humble yourself today?

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