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Empty Nest Week 2

Empty nesters, this quote pierced my heart!

"When we embrace good things in our lives past their designated time, we smother the goodness and hinder our own growth. When we let go of each season at the right time, we can joyfully celebrate the new season God gives us." Sarah Geringer

🐦Being an empty nester comes with many emotions.

🐦Over the last 6 months, my husband has been converting old videos to digital technology. Watching all the videos of our babies and laughing at the little things we recorded as been fun! It has been a sentimental time for us.

🐦With those great memories, I remind myself that every season had its trials as well. This is important because they strengthen us for the future. So if you are struggling, remember you are being strengthened.

🐦But what if, instead of enjoying reminiscing about those times, I chose to sit in my house and cry over their flying the coop?

🐦The above quote really spoke to my heart. It could have to do with our kids flying the coop, a group of friends who have changed, a change in churches, you name it. If I don't let go of what was not mine to keep, "we smother the goodness and hinder our own growth". WOWZA!

🐦This is a challenge for me. Being a highly sensitive person (HSP) who loves my people deeply, it is hard to say goodbye, to make changes and let go, but realizing that when I do, I can celebrate the next season or chapter that God has for me.

🐦I want to grow! If I want to grow, I need to let go of what is not mine to hold onto.

🐦How about you? How does this quote speak to you?

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