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Flown the Coop

So it's happened: "The Empty Nest"! It's official! They have all flown the coop!

It's a bittersweet time! I mean, we have been training for this moment our whole lives, but now that it's arrived, it doesn't feel quite right.

Something is off in our home.

🐦For one, it is quieter. The silence is deafening! Actually, for me, (an introvert, HSP) silence is a great thing! I'm wondering how my friends are doing. The ones that like the hustle and bustle and who like constant sensory stimuli. I'm thinking of you as I write this!

🐦Another aspect is that meals need to be smaller. Let's face it, if I cook like I've been accustomed to cooking, we will be eating the same leftovers for a week! That will not fly here! Now I'm thinking, I can try some of those gourmet recipes I've been thinking about!

🐦Richard and I can eat out if I get busy with work. With only two schedules to deal with, we have an added flexibility!

🐦My house is staying clean! I'm not that sad about this one! Just saying......Having my house clean and orderly has always been a calming factor for my senses and well being.

🐦There are fewer cars to shuffle in and out of the driveway. This isn't that bad either!

These are my initial observations after week one!

What observations have you made in your first week as an empty nester?

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