Flown the Coop

So it's happened: "The Empty Nest"! It's official! They have all flown the coop!

It's a bittersweet time! I mean, we have been training for this moment our whole lives, but now that it's arrived, it doesn't feel quite right.

Something is off in our home.

🐦For one, it is quieter. The silence is deafening! Actually, for me, (an introvert, HSP) silence is a great thing! I'm wondering how my friends are doing. The ones that like the hustle and bustle and who like constant sensory stimuli. I'm thinking of you as I write this!

🐦Another aspect is that meals need to be smaller. Let's face it, if I cook like I've been accustomed to cooking, we will be eating the same leftovers for a week! That will not fly here! Now I'm thinking, I can try some of those gourmet recipes I've been thinking about!

🐦Richard and I can eat out if I get busy with work. With only two schedules to deal with, we have an added flexibility!

🐦My house is staying clean! I'm not that sad about this one! Just saying......Having my house clean and orderly has always been a calming factor for my senses and well being.