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The Grass Is Not Greener

Have you ever told yourself lies about your marriage?

I know I have!

🐍One lie, I've been guilty of thinking about is this: "they have it easy". Yup. Guilty as charged!

🐍This lie is rooted in comparison. It says if I had or did x,y,z I'd be happy too! After all, who would want a private jet? I could fly anytime I want and would never have to deal with airport security again.😂😂😂

🐍When I think with this lie, I begin to fill in the gaps with fairy tail facts. I imagine that there is happiness and joy because of x, y, z. But is that true? How did I make my assumption? What if there isn't happiness at all?

🙌When I ask myself these questions, it snaps me back into reality. The reality that I don't have all the facts. The reality that I don't need to know; its none of my business. The reality that we cannot believe everything we see on social media.

🙌What if we choose gratitude for our blessings instead of looking at what we do not have?

🙌The truth is: we have more than we can ask or imagine in spiritual and material blessings.

🙌The truth is: my spouse is a gift that was handpicked for me by God.

🙌The truth is: I am called to be grateful that I woke up this morning, that my heart is beating, that I have fresh air to breathe, that I am loved with an everlasting love by the Creator of the Universe!

🙌The truth is: my life might not be perfect, my marriage might not be perfect, but I know someone who is perfect. This intimate relationship with the perfect One is better than anything money can buy!

Would you consider your thoughts today?

What lies might be fueling discontent in your marriage?

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