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Sure-Fire Ways to Love

Looking for three sure-fire ways to love others?

💜Be Quick to Listen

💜Slow to Speak

💜Slow to Anger

These words speak to me on so many levels, although it sometimes goes against what I desire to do.

💜I've learned that people feel loved most when they are heard, seen, and accepted.

These steps are all hard to do!!! I get it!!!

💜Love is hard, but we get to choose how we respond to others.

💜When my kid comes to me and tells me what they are thinking, and literally, I know the answer, I need to be slow to speak and quick to listen.

Why is this important?

💜When I give my kids all the answers, they don't get to practice solving problems, verbalizing their thoughts and wrestling through a problem.

💜Yes, it's easier for me to solve the problem and maybe more efficient, but I'm not encouraging their brain development when I do.

💜Every time we give our kids space to exercise their brains, make connections, and process their emotions, (all higher-level brain activity) without rushing to the solution, we are training their minds to become creative problem solvers.

Which way do you struggle to love the most?

1. Quick to listen

2. Slow to speak

3. Slow to anger?

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