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Move In Day

Well, it happened!

I moved my youngest into college yesterday. It was a bittersweet time of transition for us.

I'm now an empty nester! Meals will become smaller and more flexible. Richard and I get to enjoy each others company without the hustle and bustle of the family. There will be more time for hobbies and business building. (I'll reflect on this in future posts). It's bittersweet!

Today I'd like to focus on preparing our teens to fly on their own. As Sarah left for college, I thought, what are the necessary skills she needs to survive without us at college as she begins "adulting"?

✅Doing their own laundry. This may sound harsh, but my kids started doing their own laundry at around 12 years old. They got to pick the day of the week they wanted to do it and then they did it! They learned responsibility and how to prep for the week.

✅Managing their schedule. This is something they learned in high school and will continue to refine college. As they schedule their lives, they need to decide what their non-negotiable priorities will be! Have these conversations with your kids before they leave.

✅Valuing people. As she leaves for college, she learns to value those left behind and looks for her new people to spend face to face time with. For some personalities, its easy to focus on the tasks and forget about building relationships. Building relationships requires face to face time, she will need to remember to get involved with groups and clubs so she can connect with others.

✅Learning to live with less. Living at home she has all she needs at her fingertips. Living away stretches them to see what really is a need verses a want.

✅Learning how to advocate for themselves. We need to start while they are young training them to speak for themselves and solve problems on their own. We can equip them to do this by engaging them in problem solving instead of rushing in to solve the problem for them.

✅Learning how to communicate with others. Eye contact while speaking, phone down, hand shake, addressing others with respect. All of these things are necessary life skills for school or work. Think of how handy these things come for job interviews in the future. Build them now.

What other skills do your teens need as they practice "adulting"?

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