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Marital Sabotage

Could you be sabotaging your marriage?

Sometimes, we do things in our relationships that are hurting and not helping.

For me, I sometimes struggle with being overcontrolling. I love order in my home and sometimes my desire for order collides with my families desire to relax.

When I think about it, my desire to control my environment is really to decrease my own anxiety. I do feel peace when things are ordered, but at what price?

My environment does not need to be perfect and if it is, then chances are, my relationships in the home are not!

🦆What if, instead of controlling, I showed grace to myself and others?

🦆What if, I asked my family for forgiveness in the places I was too rigid and controlling?

🦆What if, I explored what is behind the need to have all my ducks in a row and worked on changing that?

🦆What if, instead of receiving peace from my environment, I received peace for the true peace giver? After all, this kind of peace can never be taken away!

🦆I wonder? Is this an area of struggle for you?

🦆What's being stirred in your pot today?

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