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Deja Vu?

Ever notice how some situations repeat themselves in your life, only with different characters involved?

What's behind that?

🤔Could it be that there is a lesson for us to learn in the midst of these situations?

🤔What could happen if we took the time to break the pattern or examine the trigger, that keeps repeating itself in our lives?

🤔What if our triggers help us to discover our unmet needs or the areas of growth required to propel us to the next level?

🤔Let's face it, sometimes it's hard to see the tree in the forest, but that's where a coach can help!

You see, our brains are smart! They solve problems the same way all the time in order to conserve energy. This makes it difficult to have new insights on our own.

A coach can help you see things from different perspectives and see through the things that are keeping you stuck in your repetitive patterns.

What patterns do you need to change?

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