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Free in Christ

Wondering what it means to live in Freedom? It seems kind of nebulous.

When we are living in freedom, we are:

💨Listening to Jesus for our marching orders instead of people pleasing

💨We understand that we are not in control and let others live their lives without us micromanaging

💨We only take responsibility for what we can control and we behave responsibly TO the ones God has given us to care for.

💨We quit fighting against God and striving to put ourselves forward

💨We live within the unique boundaries that God has given to us to live. We don't need to compare our boundaries with others because ours are unique.

💨We put off the lies we have been telling ourselves and renew our minds with truth.

💨We are turning away from the things that are not good for us and turning toward God.

💨We rest; yup! We are free to rest and love and worship; just like we were created to do!

There's a peace that flows from this kind of life.

A freedom that can only be found in Christ.

If you are a Christ follower and feel tired from all the striving, or feel like something is missing, Promised Land Living group coaching program is for you. Come discover the peace and joy that was meant for you.

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