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Communication Gone Wrong!

Has it ever happened to you?

Well, it just happened to me!

What was IT you ask?

An email. Have you ever sent or received an email that you re-read after the fact and said, "hmmm, that didn't communicate what I was trying to get across?"

I'm sad to say that I have sent some and have been on the receiving end of some that had less than desirable outcomes.

How do you handle this when it happens?

💻Start a dialogue about the original intent of the email, only after listening fully to the other person. Listening to learn what the other person thinks or felt in the midst of the written conversation.

💻Admit that you messed up! Admit that you could have done a better job! Yup! Humble yourself and ask them to forgive you for your tone, harshness, or whatever the offense was!

💻Become a student of the person you are trying to communicate with; actually try to understand their point of view, even if you disagree with it.

💻Commit to picking up the phone, getting a cup of coffee with, or having difficult conversations in person in the future. This helps others to see and hear our heart behind the conversation without reading between the written lines. It also helps them to know that we plan on changing the way we communicate difficult things in the future.

💻Once its resolved, don't spread the negativity! Forgive and move on, everyone makes mistakes. Learn from them and grow. Don't let pride get in the way of your relationship.

What other things have you tried to recover a situation like this?

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