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Teen Self-esteem

How much does your teen rely on others feedback for their emotional wellbeing?

For example, does what others think about someone or say about someone define who they are as a person?

These are important thoughts to explore with your teen because if this is true for your teen, then it makes them a victim under someone else's control instead of a leader in their community.

How can we build "healthy" self-esteem in our teens?

💡Explore what lies they are believing about themselves (no one likes me, etc.)

💡Help them replace the lies with truth-how can they believe the best about themselves and speak the truth about who they are and what they value?

💡Explore how they can use what is true about them as people, to help and serve others.

💡Explore how they can see their talents & strengths and apply them to make a difference in their world.

💡Help develop a growth mindset in your teen. One that looks at failures like learning opportunities to propel them to the next learning opportunity.

Our teens are smart. Empty praise actually decreases self-esteem.

It creates cognitive dissonance in the brain.

Telling them they are the smartest in the town when it is not true, only increases their insecurity when thing come difficult to them.

What things might you need to adjust as you parent your teen?

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