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Kindness matters

Do you feel happy when you are kind to others?

I think it is natural to feel good when we are kind to others and when they are kind to us. I believe that when we are kind tapping into something deeper in our soul.

Not only is it the right thing to do, but there are some profound effects that being kind has on the brain!

⭐️When we are kind, our blood pressure lowers, which is good news for our hearts and minds!

⭐️Being kind connects us with others!

⭐️Being kind lifts our spirits and causes joy!

⭐️When we are kind, it reduces the inflammation in our bodies, slowing down the aging process!

⭐️Being kind is contagious! The mirror neurons in our brains mimic the moods and behaviors of those they witness.

⭐️Being kind is something we can control.

⭐️Being kind costs us nothing, but brings us many benefits.

How can you be intentional today about kindness?

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