Love Language

Do you know your spouses love language?

Love languages are the primary way we can show our significant other just how much they mean to us.

Love languages are different for each of us. Often times we show love to others in the way we would like to receive love. If the other does not speak that love language, it can cause conflict in the relationship.

For example, if your spouses love language is quality time and yours is gifts, buying them a gift may seem shallow and empty to them. This will cause conflict when the gift giver thinks they are doing a good thing.

How well do you know what makes your spouse tick?

Can you identify which love languages speak the loudest to them? Below are some ideas to ponder from The Five Love

❤️"WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: Words of affirmation are sweet when shared but even sweeter when created together! Write something as a couple—a letter, poem, or story about your love—and tuck it away to enjoy later.