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Identity theft

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Is your teen getting confused with their likes on social media and their identity?

What happens if they associate their worth based on social media responses?

Recent studies show that when teens base their worth on their "likes" they set themselves up for an emotional roller coaster ride, intense insecurities, anxiety, and depression.

What if we encouraged our teens to base their identity on things that cannot be taken away from them?

What things could we explore with our teens that will make a difference in their lives?

Here are a few ideas:

📱What are the core values that they would like to live by?

📱What ways could they contribute value to someone's life?

📱What needs could they meet using their gifts and talents?

📱How does belonging to a group, church or family impact their lives?

📱What problems would they like to help solve?

📱How can God's unfailing love impact their lives?

On a personal note: My youngest just returned from a mission trip to Panama. During that trip, she was able to put down her device (no cell service for most of the trip) and enjoy the people around her.

She testifies of how freeing it was and how her joy increased tremendously as a result.

How can you help your teen rely on the things that cannot be taken away?

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