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Phone addiction

When you see this photo, what comes to mind for you?

I took this photo while visiting some friends in Minnesota. As I witnessed this, I was saddened. Truth be told, I have been guilty of this as well!

📱The problem with this is when we are constantly scrolling, we are missing out on all the good that is going on around us! It is a beautiful day here. The trees are green. They are in a peaceful park, surrounded by others who are interesting! Yet, they don't see it! They did not even notice me taking this picture of them.

📱Relationships are important. Connecting with others is important. When we are scrolling instead of communicating with those in front of us, we are sabotaging our MOST IMPORTANT relationships.

📱Think about it: we are causing our loved ones to become jealous of an inanimate object because this object has become the center of our attention.

📱There's actually a word for it: It's called phubbing! Snubbing people for our phone!

📱What's super convicting is that studies show that even if you are not looking at your phone, and you have it on the table during dinner, it disrupts the connection between the two at the table.

📱Why is that? You cannot help but glance at your phone. It is almost addicting. We are changing our brains! We need to touch it and pick it up!

📱How can we stop this habit?

📱For starters, let's choose to be intentional about our phone use. Put it out of sight and on silent with others. Focus on the person right in front of you. They will appreciate and notice it!

📱What changes do you think will occur in your relationships if you choose to be intentional about your inanimate object?

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