Stressed out!

This infographic was powerful!

The topic? STRESS!

Yup, we all have it!

Do we realize the toll it is taking on our bodies and our brains?

Along with all the symptoms listed in this infographic, there are profound effects on our brains as well!

💥When we have stress, cortisol is released into the body, this is normal. The problem exists when we live in chronically stressful situations. With chronic stress, the cortisol levels remain high in the body causing our Pre-frontal cortex (the problem solving, thinking part of the brain) to shrink and the Amygdala (the threat center of the brain) to grow and become hyperactive. It also kills brain cells and increases brain fog!

💥When the Amygdala is in charge, we are defensive, judgmental, self-protective and ready to fight! It is the home of the fight, flight or freeze response in our brains.