Mental toughness

What is Mental Toughness?

Mental toughness as defined by the Journal of Applied Sports Psychology, "Having the natural or developed psychological edge that enables you to: generally, cope better than your opponents with the many demands (competition, training, lifestyle) that sport places on a performer; specifically, be more consistent and better than your opponents in remaining determined, focused, confident, and in control under pressure."

How do we help our teens learn mental toughness?

💪Teaching your teens to wait on something they want is a great first step. In this instant gratification society, waiting is hard but necessary in life.

💪Training them to develop patience. Patience is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. When we are patient, we do not quit!

💪When we train our teens to stick it out with hard things, they are forming new pathways in their brain that they can wait for rewards. (a higher brain function)

💪Encouraging our teens to do new things (even when it's hard and they don't feel like it) develops mental toughness.