Millennial Musings

I just read an article that talked about Millennials and what they want; it was fascinating.

The most fascinating thing to me was how much we have in common. They may look different, learn differently, but deep, down, this is what they think!

🗝They learn best through mentoring!

🗝They want to be listened to; not fixed! Hmmm, sounds like a universal need. (Why do we feel the need to fix others?)

🗝They like their mentors to ask thought-provoking questions so they can come to their own awareness. (sounds like coaching to me!)

🗝With the internet, they have all the information at their fingertips. What they need is the wisdom of applying the information to real life!

🗝They need to know that their work will matter. They desire to make a difference.

🗝They want you to be real! They want to know that they are not alone with their struggles, passions, frustrations and desires.

🗝Sounds like we have more in common with Millennials then we thought!

🗝What if instead of focusing on the differences, we chose to focus of the things that will make a difference?

🗝Which aspect would you like to implement in your relationships today?

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