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Forgive one another

đź’”What thoughts are holding you back from healing from your wounds?

🙌It's time to let go of control and hand over your troubles to God who can handle them all!

đź’­Forgiveness is the first step. Whether you have to forgive yourself or others, it is mandatory for healing to occur.

đź’­Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation. Reconciliation is another step. It's a step that sometimes does not happen. Forgiveness is something we do personally between us and God to give it up! To declare that He is God and I am not.

đź’­When we forgive, we are not putting the negative thoughts on rerun in our brains. When we put the thoughts on rerun they make the pathways even deeper and more difficult to change the longer you stay in that cycle.

đź’­It means we are taking captive our thoughts and feelings. When the negative feeling comes back, and it will, return to God and hand it over to Him once again. It's a process and a process that we can not do in our own strength.

âť“What do you need to let go of so you can get unstuck?

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