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Independence Day

Fourth of July: Independence day! Today we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

This document celebrates the severing of dependence on and political connection with Great Britain. The term we use is freedom, but our freedom is explained within the principles of the declaration of independence.

🇺🇸The connection? There is freedom found within the boundaries of the principles of the document. It is not freedom of a free for all, no rules mentality, that is not freedom!

🇺🇸It is freedom to live within the boundaries of our countries principles. Those freedoms do not exist outside the boundaries of our country. We don't get to go to another country and demand to live our way in their country.

🇺🇸We don't get to pick and choose those boundaries that we like and discard the ones we don't; it's not a Chinese food menu.

🇺🇸We get to live FREE within the boundaries He has given us. When we understand that freedom, the boundaries are seen as a blessing, not a curse, because they are for our good, and our safety.

🇺🇸It is similar to our kids, we tell them they cannot go into the street (the boundary) because we are protecting them. They may not like that boundary, but it is for their good. They may not understand or agree with that boundary, because of their ball (which is their highest priority) is in the road. Just because they don't like it or agree with it doesn't mean it isn't enforced. They are FREE TO PLAY WITHIN THEIR BOUNDARIES.

🇺🇸In the same way, when we are followers of Christ, we are citizens of a different land. We are governed by the principles in the Bible and FREE to live within the boundaries set forth by the creator of the Universe.

🇺🇸Your freedom has come at a great price. There was a battle waged for your freedom. If you are in Christ, the war has already been won, and its the best news ever! (Mercy Me-Best News Ever!) Now we get to rest in the victory and walk in the unique boundaries that God has called each one of us to live in.

🇺🇸Will you live within the unique boundaries He created for you to live within before the foundation of the Universe? If so, is there something that needs to change in order to do so?

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