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Complaining: a dripping faucet

Did you know that the average person complains 20-30 times a day?!?

Just imagine if you are not the average person. Imagine if you are a person who is ruled by a negativity bias. Think about how high that number skyrockets.

When we complain, we are doing it out of habit. It is a bad habit that needs to be broken.

This complaining really affects our marriages!

Are you a dripping faucet? How annoying is that!

Research shows that it take a minimum of 21 days to break a habit. Some neuroscientific studies claim it takes more like 63 days!

How can we develop a heart of gratitude and extinguish the complaining?

🧯 Start by reviewing the gratitude list we spoke of earlier in the month (make a list of things you are grateful for each family member and review them regularly)

🧯 Have a discussion with your spouse about the complaining that is going on. Have this discussion when things are calm and normal.

🧯 Develop a plan for tackling complaining in your home. Most times, we don't recognize when we are complaining. Begin to notice what you see in yourself and others in your home. Just notice at this point.

🧯 Develop a signal between you and your spouse that will cue the other into the complaining, in the event they forget (and we will forget because its a habit). EX. making a hand gesture like the letter "C" is a gentle reminder to your spouse. No other words, condemnation or judgment required.

What ways have helped you manage the bad habit of complaining? #livingfulllifecoaching #intentionallife #intentionalliving #marriagecoach #relationshipcoach #stopcomplaining #twobecomeone #marriageisworthit #peaceinyourhome #tilldeathdueuspart #takeyourthoughtscaptive #transformyourthinking #changeyourhabits #neuroscience #brainscience

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