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Teen shut down

Is your teen shutting down?

I know it's been true in my household, when my teen shuts down and disconnects, its a symptom of something else that is a bit off in their world.

Their natural tendency is to push you away. Remember during the teen years, our teens are trying to figure out who they are and they are trying to develop autonomy.

They are looking for the opportunity to belong. Heck, we all are, because it is one of the built in needs that must be met in our lives. This is why peer pressure is such a big deal, they are trying to fit in.

When you notice your teen is off and shutting down here are a few things you can try:

🔌 Remember that there is some heart to heart connection missing at the moment. Connect with them and listen to them.

🔌Become a safe place for your teen to explore their thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism or control. Most times you will find that they just need to think through some things. God doesn't control us, He is captivated by us, He delights in us, and longs for us to make wise choices. Be like God and empower your teens.

🔌Empower them to think and make good decisions. This happens not by giving them the answers, but by asking them powerful questions to help them engage the Pre-frontal cortex (the problem solving area of the brain).

🔌 Remind them that you believe in them and help them to look for the learning that has taken place when there are areas of failure. By doing this, you are equipping them to have a growth mindset.

What others ways do you come alongside our teens when they shut down? #livingfulllifecoaching #parentteens #parentcoach #trainthemintheway #growthmindset #brainscience #transformationalneuroscience #empoweryourteens #justthink #coachingworks #christianlifecoach

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