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Marriage Coaching Works

When was the last time you really listened to your spouse?

When we listen, often times we listen to formulate an answer, so while the other person is talking, we are thinking!

Listening is hard, especially when big emotions are involved.

What if we really listened deeply?

What if we didn't worry about what we were going to say in response and we patiently waited to understand fully?

When we listen deeply, we are not only listening for the words spoken but the feelings, emotions and underlying motivations.

As a coach, listening deeply is part of my job.

When I listen deeply to the couples I coach, I ask powerful questions to help the couple have a deeper awareness of the issues at hand. These questions help you make different connections in your brain and look at your situation from a different perspective.

It is dynamic and exciting, as I watch the lightbulbs go off in the couple's eyes when they have a deeper understanding of what makes their spouse tick!

Coaching is for healthy couples who want to grow, change and develop together.

It's for the relationship that is good, but wants to be great!

It's for the relationship where there is something missing.

Coaching is for those who want their relationships to be impactful to those around them.

What if you entered the next chapter of your lives with excitement and discovery, instead of boredom?

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