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Highly Sensitive Person

Are you oversensitive?

I know I am a "highly sensitive person". Now, when I say highly sensitive person, I don't mean a fragile eggshell.

What do I mean? I mean, my brain is wired a bit differently than your brain.

I mean someone who feels deeply for others (Empathy is my #1 strength), someone who may have sensory overload with lots of chaos, someone who has the ability to walk into a room and feel the vibe! (I know, sounds a bit supernatural, I get it, but it's real), I like time alone to rejuvenate, I can be really hard on myself, and I'm sometimes misunderstood.

One more thing I'd like to put out there: watching the news or shock entertainment totally stresses me out!

There's much more to learn about Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and Cherie Gregory and others have done great work in this area.

What I have learned personally is the following:

🔦What I have been told all my life is a curse ("you're too sensitive"), is the very thing that allows me to support and connect with people-its a blessing! God made me this way and HSP are needed in this world too!

🔦 Many techniques to manage my emotions through the latest neuroscientific research and EQ research

🔦The importance of self-care in my life. The minute I ignore my time in solitude is when things get heightened for me. Exercise is also mandatory for me.

🔦The differences in others and how our uniqueness is important in this world.

🔦 I am free to be who God created me to be without fear of man's opinions of me! By and through God's grace, I abide in Him and rest in His presence in the midst my sensitivity. He gives me my next best step.

What challenges do you face with those in your life that are highly sensitive people?

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