Last week we talked about the negative aspects of stress on the body and mind. The truth about stress is that we do need a little stress in our lives to thrive. It's called the "Goldilocks principle". You remember the story of Goldilocks. It was all about the porridge. She didn't like it too cold, or too hot....she liked it "just right".

Truth be told our brains are a lot like Goldilocks. They need the stress level to be just right! Too much stress and you will experience the negative effects we discussed last week, too little stress and we cannot motivate ourselves. The stress needs to be just right for our brains to thrive.

When your stress levels get out of balance there are a few things you can try.

1. Try meditating. The practice of being aware of your breath, body, and God in the present moment, lowers stress and the release of cortisol.

2. Try exercise or maybe incorporating a daily walk into your schedule. The benefits are huge and highly documented.

3. Try setting boundaries. Learning to say "no" is a good thing. People pleasers have difficulty saying "no" and often experience stress from being spread too thin. Find your vision and purpose in life and live the life that God wants you to live; not others.

4. Try changing your perspective. If we only look at the negative, our stress with increase. Try to find the positive lessons and experiences, even within the negative circumstances. What can I learn? How can I grow?