Face to Face

Surrounded by constant stimuli, yet alone! Our teens are experiencing anxiety related to the constant bombardment of virtual connectivity. Their lives have become "screen to screen" instead of face to face.

This constant connectivity without face to face time is inhibiting our teens from developing social skills. Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been proven over the last 20 years to be a huge indicator of success at home, school, and play. It has been said that emotional intelligence is the new black. Your wardrobe is not complete without it. EQ is not developed well on a device.

What is EQ and why is it important? EQ is the ability to manage yourself, your relationships, having self-awareness and social awareness. These are important skills necessary to succeed, yet our constant connectivity keeps us from developing these skills.

As parents, what are we to do?

One thing we can do is spend time engaging with our teens face to face. It is really easy to text them from the other room, but let's get into the habit of engaging with them in person. Asking them questions about thoughts and feelings helps develop self-awareness, which increases their EQ. Having these types of conversations equips them to be productive members of society and helps decrease the anxiety associated with face to face communication.

Important research by "Psychologist Jean Twenge concludes that the more students spend time in genuine conversations in the presence of people, anxiety levels drop. Research indicates that less than two hours on social media can actually diminish anxiety and depression levels in students. More than two hours causes students to become vulnerable to rising angst and stress levels. Humans are social creatures, who flourish best in face to face connections." Tim Elmore

What strategies to do you enforce in your home with regards to screen time?