Smile your on candid camera

What is it about a smile? Love this little guy and his smile. I couldn't help but smile when he was around!

When we see someone smile, it really makes us want to smile. It is contagious! When we smile, our brain releases endorphins into our bloodstream which helps us to feel good, decrease tension in our bodies, lower our blood pressure & heart rate!

Our brains have mirror neurons and when we see others smile, we automatically smile back without thinking about it. We've discussed this before. Like when you see someone yawn and you start to yawn; it's not like you suddenly became tired, but your mirror neurons jumped into action.

So, do you want to feel healthier and happier? Smile or hang around with people who smile a lot. You will feel great and you will make others feel great too, making others what to spend more time with you.

How does a smile affect you?