Are you stressed?

Stress impacts our brains and bodies in many ways. There is evidence that chronic stress can actually rewire our brains for the worse. Science has proven that those who undergo chronic stress access the primitive part of the brain more frequently in comparison with the area of the brain responsible for higher thinking.

In essence, when we are under chronic stress we are exercising the part of our brain responsible for handling threats. The more we use certain pathways in the brain, the more habitual they become.

Some symptoms of prolonged stress include: being more forgetful (because it shrinks the hippocampus which is responsible for memory); things you once enjoyed seem less enjoyable (stress dampens the pleasure neurotransmitter); may feel sadder (stress dampens serotonin levels in the brain, which regulates mood), it promotes more inflammation which affects our hearts and circulatory system; when we are under chronic stress, excess levels of cortisol are released which creates havoc on the brains functions, blood sugar regulation & kills brain cells.

Wowza! Chronic stress has huge implications for our well being!

Which indicators of stress have you seen in yourself or others lately?

How have you effectively dealt with stress?