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Faithful to show up

I love my peonies! They come out once a year and last for about one week before the spring rains beat the pedals off them. Their smell is amazing, their beauty breathtaking. When not in bloom they are merely green leaves that are not impressive. Once winter comes, they are invisible. Their bulbs lie dormant beneath the ground. I can't see them with my eyes, but I know they are there and I know they will faithfully bloom in Spring.

As I was pondering these beautiful flowers, it made me think about God. We can't physically see Him, but we know He will faithfully show up. As a parent, this concept is really hard to teach our kids. So how can we teach them about someone they cannot see?

One way is to connect with your kids around nature. God is visible in His creation and just like the flowers above have a lesson to be taught, you can teach your kids about God through your surroundings. (Job 12:7-10, Psalm 19:1; 104:24-25, Rom. 1:20).

Another way we can make God known to our kids is by talking about Him, praying to Him and reading with them about Him. Our kids love to have stories read to them! There are children's Bibles that have great pictures and fun songs to go with them. It helps them connect visually with the God they cannot see. Make God fun and make Him part of your daily routine.

When we pray for things with our kids, be sure to tell them how God is actively working in your life. God is real and they need to see His powerful presence in your life.

What ways have you helped your kids connect with God?

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