Mindfulness is the latest rage. Is mindfulness appropriate for us to participate in as Christians? Didn't mindfulness originate from other religions? I'm currently reading a book called "Holy Noticing" and I'm convinced that it is not only appropriate but necessary for us as Christians.

Stone describes mindfulness as "Holy Noticing". "Holy noticing is noticing with a holy purpose, God and His handiwork, our relationships, and our inner world of thoughts and feelings."

Neuroscientific research continues to support that there are many practical benefits to Holy Noticing or mindfulness. For the Christian, this noticing is actually practicing the presence of God in our moment to moment life. There are countless passages that remind us to remember the great things He has done. By living in connection with Him we are doing just that.

Stone points out that when we practice this Holy Noticing, we are rewiring our brains. "A mindful lifestyle enhances the brain’s ability to rewire itself through experience, thoughts, and behavior. It’s called neuroplasticity. That is, the brain is more like pliable putty than rigid porcelain. What we think about and do, changes our brain. When mindfulness effects neuroplasticity it’s like an electrician running new wiring to bring a house up to code."

Mindfulness reduces stress, helps us to live in the moment, manage anxiety, live with more peace in the midst of chaos, reduces depression, aggressiveness and anger. These are but a few of the effects of Holy Noticing.

Personally, I have found holy noticing helpful as I renew my thoughts and manage my emotions. Mindfulness helps us to notice our emotions, acknowledge them (not stuff them), without giving them power over me. When the power of my emotions overcome me, I can respond defensively or reactively from the threat center of my brain.

Holy Noticing helps me to take my thoughts captive to give up the lies that I am speaking to myself. Holy Noticing and the act of "being still and knowing