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Too Busy?

Are you too busy? After all, what does too busy look like?

We live in a world of cram packed schedules. Everyone walks around saying they are "busy".

Ever wonder how busy is too busy?

There are a few questions to ask yourself if you can not readily answer this question.

The first question to ask yourself is: Am I feeling anxious and irritable? For me, this is one of the first signs that I am too busy. When I am feeling like this, it means I have been neglecting quiet downtime. Our brains and our bodies need downtime. You are too busy if there is no downtime!

The second observation for you to make is this: Do the people who love you tell you to slow down? If so, you may be too busy.

The third observation to make is this: Am I having difficulty focusing? Our brains cannot handle having too many things on our minds at the same time. It causes clutter in our minds.

What do you do if you think you may be too busy?

The first step is to admit it to yourselves and someone close to you. If this has become your lifestyle, you may need accountability in this area.

Next, turn off your phone and avoid your emails, and do something that refreshes you. Even if its sleep!

Practice building some mindfulness techniques into your life. Deep breathing, meditating, solitude and silence.

What tips have you tried to find refreshment?

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