Raising Ethical Leaders

As parents, we want to help our kids grow up to be ethical leaders. Leaders that others would be proud to follow. With such an absence of ethical behavior in our society, it's hard to know where to point them.

Author, Tim Elmore, has some answers for us. This is too good not to quote directly, so here it goes.

"1. It keeps others in mind, not just me. It prioritizes the best interest of the community not merely my own interests."

"2. It keeps the future in mind not just today. It benefits the future of our civilization not just my needs today."

"3. It keeps the truth in mind not just expediency. It values honesty among all parties, where we’re transparent and forthright."

"4. It keeps respect in mind not just results. It communicates respect for others not just my special interests or goals."

"5. It keeps justice in mind not just pleasure. It is based on what is equitable for all parties, where people sense it is fair."

"6. It keeps honor in mind not just gain. It fosters trust among all parties, not suspicion. It represents the high road."

What if we changed our focus as parents a bit and began to instill some moral character in our teens?

How will you seek to build these morals into your teen?