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What is your mindset?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

What is your mindset as you seek to reach goals in your life?

This is an important question because where you put your thoughts will determine your level of happiness in the midst of pursuing your goals. Studies show that people who measure themselves against where they would like to be, are unhappy in the process, but people who measure themselves against where they had been found more joy in the process.

This makes sense because if we measure ourselves against where we have been, we are looking at the small improvements and we can celebrate our growth. We are also living in the moment when we do that. Live is a process and when we enjoy the process, we can find joy in our lives.

Having a growth mindset is an intentional way to look at life. A growth mindset embraces challenges and is persistent, it learns from both successes and failures, and it is inspired by the success of others.

The opposite of the growth mindset is a fixed mindset. This type of mindset easily gives up and avoids challenges, it's not really interested in growing, but it makes a lot of excuses, sometimes blaming others for their lack of success. It's also really threatened by the success of others.

So which category do you fit in when you think of your goals?

What steps can you take today to make changes in your thought process?

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