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Take a leap into the deep water

According to Juli Slattery, young adults today have been dubbed "the entitlement generation." "Parents don't do their teens any favors when they cultivate an entitlement mentality in the home. In fact, when Mom and Dad lavish teens with unearned praise and luxuries, they become ill-equipped to handle the future realities of an unfriendly boss, a bad work review, conflict in marriage and the sacrifice required to raise a family. Recent studies show that this new "entitled generation" is experiencing unprecedented rates of depression and other mental illness, loneliness, isolation and failure in their young marriages." Juli Slattery When our teens are entitled, one of the characteristics will rear its ugly head is impatience. Our teens are used to immediate gratification with instant responses, likes, information at their fingertips; it seems unfair to them to wait for something. As a matter of fact, it seems bad if something is hard or takes longer than expected. Waiting can bring with it a disappointment, anger, and a victim mentality. This is where we need to come in as parents and help them to see another perspective. Things are not always what they seem and with hard work comes satisfaction in achieving a goal. Please, I repeat, please, DO NOT LECTURE them on this. What if you had a discussion; a casual discussion, not a formal sit down? What if you asked them what they think on the topic and listen to what they think? This makes it easier to see their starting point in the situation. What if you saw the initial dialogue as just that; somewhat of a screening to assess where their mindset needs direction and development? How can you take a leap into the deep waters of building character in your teen?

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