Virtual or one-one?

This photo is a local coach's meetup. In a virtual world where we can work and play, there is nothing like meeting with your peers in person to talk and get a hug. (By the way, it was great to meet with old and new friends like this. If you haven't had a meetup in your area, consider planning one.)

At a time where people seem to hide behind the screen, we may be losing the ability to communicate on a one-one basis. It's imperative that we begin to think of the implication of this when we dialogue with our teens.

If your home is anything like mine, your teen is texting you from the other room, in multiple rapid-fire dings. While at times, this is convenient, is it really the best?

After all, it does save us from screaming from the other room over loud music (as in my house of origin). I played my music so loudly in my teenage years, my parents would sometimes need to stomp on the floor to get my attention.

It also saves us the effort of walking up the stairs to have the discussion. But I ask you, what do we forfeit (besides exercise) by neglecting to take the next best step?

What are your thoughts about dialoguing with your teen?