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Lacking confidence?

Why is it that sometimes I can have confidence moving forward in things and other times, I feel confused and timid?

If I'm honest with myself, there have been times that I've agreed to do things that I had no business saying yes to. I said yes for all the wrong reason and then tried to carry out the activity with confidence and clarity, only to find that I was lacking the clarity.

What's going on in this situation?

Did my confusion and timidity come from the fact that I had too much unfinished business? For me, when I've got a lot of open projects going, its difficult to focus.

It's possible that I'm feeling confused and timid because there is a disconnect between what I am doing and what I believe I could be doing. Our brains are smart! It knows when there is a disconnect between our words and actions. It knows when I am doing something that is not best for me.

This lack of congruence often leads to a lack of confidence.

When I am able to step back and assess my highest values and align them with my actions, I can walk in confidence. This frees my brain to be who I was created to be instead of who I think I should be. Suddenly, the fog in my mind clears and I can move forward in confidence.

How have you tackled times of misalignment like this?

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