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Do you fear rejection? I think if we are honest, we all do at times.

To be rejected is to not be accepted. We all want to be accepted, but sometimes we are not. As a matter of fact, it is one of the top fears people have every day! We were all created with the need to belong. When we are rejected, it pokes at that need.

What happens for you when you are rejected?

How do you cope?

For me, I need to remind myself that this rejection does not define me. Just because I've been rejected, doesn't mean I am a reject! It just means that people have different preferences and I can't be everything to everybody.

I like to remind myself that this feeling will not last forever! The pain will lessen and go away. Sometimes we think that everybody is watching us when we are in pain, but that's not true, even if it feels true. We feel embarrassed and we start letting our emotions control our thinking.

The truth is: most people are only thinking of themselves.

Look for the lessons you can learn through this. What went right? What went wrong? How can you do it differently the next time? Whenever we feel pain, we want to use that pain as an opportunity to grow and change. When we feel the pain and grow from it, we take away the power of the sting and we don't waste the lesson.

How have you dealt with rejection?

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