Eye rolling

Is your communication with your spouse healthy?

We all have setbacks in our communication with our spouses. You see, I have a bad habit that rears its ugly head if I am overworked and tired, it is the "eye rolling". Yes, I am not happy to admit it, but it is true.

When we roll our eyes at our spouse, its demonstrating disrespect, impatience, and a judger mindset.

When we respond to others with those gestures, we are shutting down communication. We are not responding with curiosity and a readiness to learn.

You see a healthy marriage communicates teamwork, forgiveness, and respect. It honestly and authentically shares how one feels without blaming or criticizing.

When you feel bad habits rearing their ugly heads, pause and notice them. Ask yourself some questions: is this how I want to feel? how else can I respond? how can I authentically share how I feel in a respectful way?

Then just do it! Take the step to build up your marriage instead of tearing it down.

What bad habits need to go from your communication?