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Resilience: a toughness

Would you say you are resilient? Parenting experts would say that this is one important ingredient missing today in our next generation. Resilience defined is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; its a toughness. It's the skill that helps us get up when we are knocked down, bounce back, and keep going. When we have resilience we are able to see challenges as learning opportunities. So how do we raise our teen's awareness regarding resilience? We can start by helping them to look at their situations from different perspectives. What other ways can we look at this situation? We can help them to remember how they faced similar trials or setbacks in the past. Sometimes we forget that we have already faced things similar to this in the past. By helping our teens to see that just because things are hard, does not mean that they are bad helps them to look at their situation with a more positive attitude. Engage their minds to discover various solutions to the problem at hand. This helps them to have hope that there are other options. What others ways can you think of to help your teen develop resilience?

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