Turn off the News and Think!

This quote is scary, but I believe true. “In this era of fake news and paid news artificial intelligence is more and more used as a political tool to manipulate and dictate common people. Through big data, biometric data AI analyses online profiles and behaviors in social media and smartphones. But the days are not far when AI will also control the politicians and the media too.”

― Amit Ray

Our world and the way we process it is rapidly evolving with the technological advances we are facing. This is happening much quicker then we needed to face then in our generation growing up.

Our Teens and tweens have so much information at their fingertips, they can look up anything. No wonder they are filled with anxiety. They have information without the ability to understand how to wade through it all or apply what they learn.

If we are honest with ourselves, we have also been duped at times by inaccurate information we have read on the internet.

How can we wade through the information and determine its accuracy?

What if we approached what we read like a scientist?

Those in research know to approach what you read with skepticism. In science, it must be proven and the scientist approaches the information with curiosity. When testing a new hypothesis, a good scientist will remain open, this may or may not be true.