I love you smartphone!

"We take better care of our smartphones than we do of ourselves - the phones are always recharged!" Arianna Huffington

This quote spoke to my heart; could it be true? Could I be caring more about my cell phone than I do myself?

Think about it; when our phones are running low on battery, we immediately plugin. We wouldn't dream of letting our phones run out of charge, after all, it's not good for the battery life.

Hmm, is it good for my personal battery life to run out of power? Not a chance! But so often, we push our needs to refuel aside to continue in the busy hectic pace the world has assigned us.

"A recent study in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research found that our smartphone can demand it's users attention even when the person isn't using it or consciously thinking about it. Even if a phone's out of sight in a bag, even it's set to silent, even if it's powered off, its mere presence will reduce someone's working memory and problem-solving skills."(R. Meyer)

This was profound as I ponder it! You see our brains are subconsciously being distracted by our phones. This tells me the phone is doing something to our brains and I'm not sure how positive it is.

Our brains need silence and rest from constant stimuliation. During times of silence and inactivity, our brain's cells are regenerating, our brains are actively and internally evaluating information, and we are reducing stress and tension.