What if.....

This quote really spoke to me today, "The most important thing in your life is not what you do, it's who you become." Dr. Willard

As I pondered this quote, I was forced to examine if this is really true and If I am actually living this out. Sadly, I must confess, that sometimes I get caught up in the hype of our societal norms.

These norms are not normal! They are based on a performance driven, competitive digital world. They are based on everyone's highlight reels. They are based only on what others want you to see.

They are the voices that tell us to push our teens to join every club, be the best in sports, take all the AP classes, apply to the best colleges, work themselves to exhaustion and fill their hearts with anxiety about not keeping up with their peers.

Instead of looking at our teens as the unique individuals that they are, we tend to look toward what everyone else is doing, and then try to 'keep up with the Jones'.

What we are missing what is good for someone else's teen might not be what your teen needs.

What happens when you get caught up in this frenzy? Do you get irritated with your teen, nag, push, pull away, or withdraw when they don't meet the standards that others are producing? If so, how is that affecting your relationship with your teen?